Frequently Asked


Q: What is a merchant cash advance?

A:  A merchant cash advance is a type of funding provided to a business. A merchant that receives a cash advance repays it with a percentage of their future sales.

Q: Is it a business loan?

A:  MCA is not the same as a business loan. Business loans are given based on your credit score and ability to repay, but MCAs don't consider credit worthiness.

Q: How do I repay?

A:  Your advance will be repaid automatically as a small percentage of each debit and credit card transaction until the amount has been repaid.

Q: Do I need a merchant cash advance?

A:  Our clients commonly apply for an advance to:

    •  cover unexpected expenses;

    •  add new products or services to grow revenue;

    •  access working capital for expansion, remodeling or remodeling;

    •  purchase inventory or equipment;

    •  fund marketing or advertising,

Q: What's the application process?

A:  You fill out a quick application and submit your last three business bank statements. There is no fee to apply, and you are not obligated to accept an advance unless you choose to.

Q: Is a merchant cash advance right for my business?

A:  You can determine if a MCA is right for you by determining your return on investment (ROI). It can be calculated with an easy formula: ROI (%) = net profit/total investment cost x 100. You can learn more about ROI at

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